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Doc Benjamins wants to be your champion and advocate to help you lower your dental, medical, pharmacy or veterinary school student loan payments. Our mission is to help you fully understand all your student loan options so that you can lower your monthly payments and repay your student loans more quickly. We help you make better financial decisions to help you pay down debt, improve your financial profile and achieve financial freedom as you move from school to residency to fellowship to building a practice.

We work with you on a personalized action plan that meets your specific professional and financial life goals.

Annual Consultation

We offer a comprehensive consultation that evaluates your existing student loans and your future expected financial life and liquidity goals.

We then work with you on a personalized action plan focused on lowering your monthly student loan payments and achieving maximum savings so that you can optimize your student loan repayment plan.

Initial Consultation: $275 ($450 for married couple borrowers)

Ongoing Quarterly Review: $60 / quarter

Your consultation includes:

  • Evaluate your existing student loans and overall debt and financial profile
  • Create a personalized action plan for student loan repayment
  • Analyze all your options, including student loan refinancing and student loan consolidation
  • Educate you about the student loan refinancing process, save you time and offer strategies to lower your monthly payments
  • Monitor and adapt annually your personalized action plan to ensure maximum cost savings
  • Unlimited access to a dedicated Doc Benjamins professional to help with ongoing questions (with quarterly review sign-up)
  • Updates on key legislative changes and how it may impact your student loan repayment strategy
  • Assess your student loan repayment strategy in the content of your other financial obligations and financial life goals as well as your liquidity needs
  • Assistance with managing student loan servicers
  • Understanding tax implications of student loan repayment and student loan forgiveness plans
  • Determine if you qualify for student loan forgiveness, including Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • Provide assistance with budgeting, home purchase, investing, asset protection and other personal finance and financial life goals

We are focused to find the best solution for your specific financial circumstances and personal and financial life goals.

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